We teach children with poor handwriting to type faster than they can write.

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Don't let poor handwriting slow your child's progress

Are you frustrated by the hours wasted on trying to get homework completed?


Don’t hold back your child’s progress, get them to learn how to type.

What we offer: 

Classroom-based typing classes since 2008.

Multiple centres are based in Dublin, Kildare, and Cork.

Expert tutors who monitor and praise your child’s progress.

We offer classes during the week at our centres and which last for one hour.

Limited places and student numbers capped for the quality of delivery of our typing classes.

Our typing program Typwiz uses academic research provided by Trinity University, allowing your child to learn how to type in a fun and interactive way.

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We don’t just care about typing. We care about your Child.
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  • More than 5,000 students that have learnt to type with us.
  • More than 10 million words type out.
  • Average typing speed obtained on our typing course is 25 words per minute

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Claire H

My son has become very proficient at typing heading towards his Silver Award (25 words per minute) in the Searsol typing classes. It took him two years before he got to this level. We haven’t looked back since the first day he started and are delighted with his progress.

Claire H.
– Parent with a child with dyslexia
Anne B

My daughter can now type faster than she can write, she has achieved the gold standard on the Searsol typing course, which is 40 words per minute. It took her one year to achieve this. She has gained transferable skills, improved confidence, and has boosted my self-esteem. I am so delighted that I have completed the Searsol typing course.


Anne B.
Mary K

My son completed the Searsol typing course and achieve the gold standard on the course which is 40 words per minute. He achieved this in a very short period of time due to the fun and interactive games on the course. My son is very proud to have finished the program, he knows this typing skill will a great asset to him for the rest of his life.


Niamh K.
– Parent
Father of 11-year-old with moderate/severe dyspraxia

My son achieved the silver standard on the Searsol typing course and can type at 25 words per minute.  It took just over a year and a half to get to this standard. He feels delighted to have achieved this standard and he no longer has to handwrite his homework as he now types it all out on his laptop.

Father of 11-year-old with moderate/severe dyspraxi
Mary C

David learnt to type at 30 words per minute on the Searsol typing course. It took him two years to get to this standard.  For the first time, David can express himself in his own words using a laptop at school.

Mary K
- Parent

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