Searsol Sustainability Development Growth Policy – for a better future for us all.

Searsol aim is to enhance children’s education, empowerment, and employability pathway through upskilling digitally, specifically focusing on students with learning difficulties. We work in a sustainable and inclusive manner and believe in protecting the environment and growing the knowledge of our students so that all our lives are richer and more fulfilling.


SDG Policy

Searsol is committed to the development of sustainable goals that will contribute to the goal of a sustainable future for all of us.

Searsol sustainable development policy (SDG) is as follows:

Alignment with UN Targets

7.2: Increase the global percentage of renewable energy

7.3: Double the improvement in energy efficiency


Our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our staff and community members.

Good Health & Wellbeing | SDG #3

Searsol solutions are combating the stigma of learning difficulties and creating an atmosphere of positive learning while improving students’ health and mental wellbeing.

Searsol is nurturing children’s confidence and helping them achieve more in school, university, and future careers. Our solutions allow them to compete with other children and give them a set of skills to help them throughout life. We have a positive attitude that everything is achievable – just get typing!

  Alignment with UN Targets

 3.4: Reduce mortality from non-communicable diseases and promote mental health

Our commitment to Quality Education, Capacity Development, and Training

Quality Education | SDG #4

Searsol is helping education and digital knowledge of computers, by developing foundational skills such as typing and creating a more inclusive pathway for personal empowerment, further education, and employability. Digital knowledge and skills are essential for working with the computer for school projects, college or work documents; where the younger generation is less accustomed to computers than to using the phone. We are dedicated to developing quality education by working with various partners and accessing funds such as EU Digital Skills, in order to achieve this goal.

 Alignment with UN Targets

4.2: Equal access to quality pre-primary education

4.4: Increase the number of people with relevant skills for financial success

4.5: Eliminate all discrimination in education

4.6: Universal literacy and numeracy

Our commitment to using Clean, Renewable sources of energy for business operation.

 Clean Energy | SDG #7

Searsol is proud to be already using electric transport for product transportation, and we are looking at implementing further improvements in the energy rating of the current building. We are changing energy providers to transition to using 100% reusable energy, while also actively availing of retrofitting grants in order to move to a heat pump on-site and to eliminate the use of gas for heating as well as avail of government funds to get the solar panel and reduce the company’s carbon footprint to achieve energy efficiency in a timely manner.

Alignment with UN Targets

7.2: Increase the global percentage of renewable energy

7.3: Double the improvement in energy efficiency

Our focus is on decent work and economic growth.

Decent Work and Economic Wellbeing | SDG #8

Economic growth is important for all in our economy. Striving for results internally, we are helping in improving the economic background of the community as a result. Our programs enable children to maximise potential and empower themselves to go further in education, social participation, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Alignment with UN Targets

8.1: Sustainable economic growth

8.2: Diversify, innovate and upgrade for economic productivity

8.6: Promote youth employment, education, and training

8.9: Promote beneficial and sustainable tourism

Our use of innovation to optimise our operational activities.

Innovation and Infrastructure | SDG #9

In Searsol, we believe in constant improvement and innovation of our products and services. That, in turn, allows us to reach out to more people, provide a more sustainable offering and thus improve more lives. We are currently researching and developing a new innovative spelling program that uses AI to help generate a word list and has a series of activities and games that a student can use to learn new words. An innovative gamified approach to learning and technology will promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization as well as enhance research and upgrade industrial technologies globally.

Alignment with UN Targets9.2: Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization

9.3: Increase access to financial services and markets

9.4: Upgrade all industries and infrastructures for sustainability

9.5: Enhance research and upgrade industrial technologies


Our contribution to equal society

Reduced Inequalities | SDG #10

 In Searsol, we understand the importance of reducing inequality and therefore work with children from all walks of life. Our solutions empower them through education to reach their potential and develop their skills and personal capabilities all while reducing inequalities in income as well as those based on age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, or economic or other status within the country. We proactively engage groups and NGOs such as travelers, migrants, and disability support with a discounted offering to contribute to the reduction of inequality against different levels of capacity in education.

Alignment with UN Targets 10.1: Reduce income inequalities

10.2: Promote universal social, economic, and political inclusion

10.3: Ensure equal opportunities and end discrimination

Our vision for a sustainable community

 Sustainable Communities | SDG #11

By empowering children to reach their potential with the help of our solutions, we ensure their participation in their communities through various programs and initiatives. That in turn reduces inequality and creates more inclusivity for children, while giving them a voice and promoting global citizenship. As well as that, we research the area on account of a sustainable future and active understanding of global warming and the effects it will have on our planet. Activating the younger generation is our input into sustainable cities and communities.

Alignment with UN Targets 11.3: Inclusive and sustainable urbanisation

11.5: Reduce the adverse effects of natural disasters

11.6: Reduce the environmental impacts of cities

Our model for sustainable consumption and production

Responsible Consumption & Production | SDG #12

Searsol has a responsible attitude towards production. We have already reduced our consumption of unnecessary packing and plastics in our production and we are planning to reduce our consumption further. Our offices have recycling hubs set up to minimise waste and ensure plastics, paper, and other materials are appropriately recycled. Our work culture in that regard is contributing to positive behavioural change and raising a sense of consumption responsibility in others.

Alignment with UN Targets

12.2: Sustainable management and use of natural resources

12.4: Responsible management of chemicals and waste

12.5: Substantially reduce waste generation

12.8: Promote universal understanding of sustainable lifestyles

Our commitments to reducing climate impact

Climate Action | SDG #13

Searsol believes in the importance of giving the younger generation all the information, equipment, and opportunities to create a change for a positive future in the world.  In the text that we use in our solutions, we make an emphasis on information about natural processes, biodiversity, a sustainable future, and an active understanding of global warming and its effects. Engaging with such themes in the atmosphere of positive learning stimulates problem-solving skills and promotes eco-awareness in the younger generation of citizens.

Alignment with UN Targets

13.1: Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related disasters

13.2: Integrate climate change measures into policy and planning

13.3: Build knowledge and capacity to meet climate change

Sustainability Commitment & Continuous Improvement

Our Sustainability Policy is designed through a peer-to-peer approach with leading consultants in the Sustainability and Innovation space for SMEs. Our above ISO and SDG Alignments allow for a continuously improving approach to sustainable enterprise in an ever-changing and developing market.
Green Public Procurement
We are in the process of analysing and implementing updates to our Sustainability Standards with better alignment and understanding of the GPP Directive and GPP4GROWTH. We are exploring carbon calculation technologies to better position our impact across both internal actions and external market engagements.
Decent WorkPolicy


Searsol partners with external consultation and key subject matter experts to build an internal Decent Work Policy that has been developed in line with the European Union’s Concept Paper No 6, Promoting employment and decent work in development cooperation the EUROFOUND Decent Work Policy and International Labour Organisation (ILO).  The policy is structured around 5 strategic objectives:

  1. Creating career paths and progression opportunities
  2. Supporting Staff through Learning & Development
  3. Guaranteeing Rights at Work
  4. Maintaining Health, Safety, and Employee Wellbeing
  5. Maintaining a Work / Life balance and positive employee experience, specifically relating to Covid 19.

The policy and model is a work in progress for Searsol and is due for full implementation and development during the second quarter of 2022.
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