Smart tech course (Mobile or smartphone)

Smart tech course (Mobile or smartphone)

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Smart tech classes

This is a ten-week introductory two-hour-per-week course for smartphones and tablet users.

The course covers a range of topics:
  • Setup of the device and accessible feature
  • Internet safety.
  • How to use the device to connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, and printer.
  • How to use email, word process, and calendar.
  • How to do online shopping and use Revolut.
  • Google Maps for navigation and bus routes.
  • Google Photos to store pictures, edit, and share.
  • YouTube – how to search for videos, and create playlists, and lyrics.
  • Spotify – play a song, search for an artist, and lyrics of a song.
  • Zoom – how to install the Zoom app, make a video call, and send files.
  • WhatsApp – how to install WhatsApp, send messages, calls, and video calls.

This course can be changed to suit your needs for your organisation.


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