Mission statement

Our aim is to enhance children’s education, empowerment, and employability pathway through upskilling digitally, specifically focusing on students with learning difficulties. We work in a sustainable and inclusive manner and believe in protecting the environment and growing the knowledge of our students so that all our lives are richer and more fulfilling.

Searsol values are the following:
  • Inclusive – Searsol works with all students and our course is engaging and instructor-led.
  • Personal approach – each student receives individual attention in a group setting.
  • Patience – tutors are patient and recognise that each student works at their own pace on our courses.
  • Motivational – students are motivated to do the course as their work is praised and achievements on the program are recognised.
  • Relaxed – our environment is positive, relaxed, and students go away feeling happy and content.

Your Local Typing Centre for your child.

Realise your child’s potential by getting them to learn how to touch type.

Do you want your child to learn how to touch type in a classroom environment with a qualified
instructor? Does your child need to learn how to touch-type?

Searsol has been offering touch typing courses since 2008 to children who need to learn how to touch type. We provide a positive learning environment where your child learns at their own pace.

We have a very high success rate for children to learn how to touch type.


Searsol after school typing courses offers a child the following benefits:

  • We use our own typing tutor (Typewiz) which was developed to provide extra motivation for a child to learn how to touch type.
  • Qualified instructors with years of experience teaching children how to touch type.
  • Qualified instructors that are Garda vetted.
  • Students work at their own pace but in a group environment so encouraging the child to learn.
  • We provide a positive learning environment so your child can reach their full potential.
  • A report is available at the end of each class to show how a student performed in class.
  • Praise and positivity are delivered throughout the course.
  • Course certification is presented at the end of each term


Join at any time! Self-paced course. The initial assessment is provided at the free first session.

Why not bring your child along for the initial free trial assessment first session to any of our centres?

When you bring your child for a free trial. We will provide an initial assessment of what your child can achieve on the course. We have three standards for the course:

  • Bronze – 15 words per minute
  • Silver – 25 words per minute – this standard would be suitable for children who are going to doing the state exams using a laptop.
  • Gold – 40 words per minute – this is where you can type faster than you can write.

The trial lasts a full hour and your child will be in a classroom with other students along with our Searsol Tutor.

Who is the course suited for?

Our typing course is suited to any child from the age of eight up to school leaving age who wants to learn how to touch type.

Our classes particularly suit the following children:

  • A child with a learning difference such as Dyspraxia (DCD), Dyslexia or Dysgraphia.
  • A child that has a problem with holding a pen or very slow writing speed.
  • A child that has hypermobility
  • A child that is in transition year and wants to learn a new skill for Gaice award.

Our courses run from September to June and follow the school term.

Contact Details:

Searsol – info@searsol.com, 01-6303384

Searsol operates our after-school typing course in the following nationwide locations:

Please note if there is no centre near where you live, why not try our 7 days free trial of Typewiz?