Searsol mission is to deliver high quality, bespoke, structured computer based learning that improves our students capabilities through the acquisition of knowledge, new life skills that enhance their confidence and self esteem and improve their future prospects. Our programmes are delivered in a fun and engaging way in a group environment by enthusiastic, genuine professional trainers.

We provide after school touch typing classes which allows children to learn how to touch type at their own pace. This course is open to all but benefits children that need to learn how to touch type correctly and have a learning difference such as Dyspraxia/DCD or Dyslexia.

We also provide a computer camp that allows children to learn a range of computer related actives including touch typing.

Searsol values are the following:


  • Knowledge – Life skills, Life changing

  • Courses – high quality,  consistent, certified, close relationship, structured modular safe, group learning experience – peer learning, unlike school, exclusive course, self paced course

  • Trainers – understanding, confidentiality, genuine, caring, integrity, motivational, rapport (Parents and students),  genuine interest in our students (technical + wellbeing), professional, competent, positive

  • Course experience – sense of achievement, self esteem boost, valuable, enthusiasm, positivity, fun! dynamic