1. Who is Searsol and what do you do? Searsol was formed in 2007, we provide computer training courses to Adults and Children. We provide a range of computer courses, from after school touch typing courses, computer camps and computer courses.

2. How do I book a free first session trial in one of our after school typing centres? Click on Free first Session Trial button and we will be in touch to organise your first session trial

3. How long will it take for my child to learn how to touch type in the Searsol after school typing centre? See our blog

4. When are you planning to have an after school centre in my area? We are expanding our network and actively looking to have a centre in your area. If you can send us your details we will contact you when we have a centre in your area. Also follows on Facebook.

5. What age group do you take on the after school typing course and Searsol Computer Camps? We take from age of eight up to school leaving age.

6. Does my child need to practice at home when doing your course?

The student should do no home practice initially.

We like to supervise the students in our classroom environment and ensure that they are doing the typing correctly.

By doing it at home, students can pick up bad habits and cross learning can take place.

As a student becomes more confident with the touch typing and is doing the typing correctly, then the student can do home practice.

7. What is covered on the Searsol Computer Camps. We cover the following – touch typing, email, word processing, presentation software, lots more. For more information click on https://searsol.com/computercamps/

8. How much is the Searsol computer camps? The camps are for a week, three hours per day and are priced at €100. To book your child’s place clock on the computer camp bookings button on the top of the page.

9. Who is the Searsol computer aimed at? The computer camp is aimed at all children who wants to improve their computer skills.