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To take advantage of a free trial assessment, search for your local centre below and provide us with some details on the enquiry form, that will enable you to:
  • Book a free trial assessment for your child, where you’ll gain valuable insights into your child’s current typing accuracy and word per min speed.
  • Receive a report which will outline what your child’s typing speed will be in their first six months of attending a Searsol typing centre.
  • Start your Searsol typing journey.

To try Searsol typing classes, start by finding your local Searsol centre.

Four steps to start your Searsol journey:


Complete enquiry form

Complete our 30-second enquiry form to request a no-obligation free trial assessment meeting for your child.


Discuss with Searsol about your child requirements.

Your local Centre Coordinator will get in touch to confirm the time and location of your free trial assessment and will explain more about our typing course.


Take your child for a no-obligation free trial assessment class.

The assessment involves the child participating in a full one hour class, designed to ascertain their current typing ability and establish what potential typing speed they can achieve on our typing course.


Begin Searsol typing classes.

Your child begins their typing classes and your child will experience all the benefits of learning how to type with Searsol.


Searsol was recommended to me by my sons occupational therapist as he has dyspraxia. We haven’t looked back since the first day he started. After nearly 2 years of attending he has become very proficient at typing heading towards his gold badge. Thank you Searsol.


I like coming to the Searsol typing centre as it has given me the confidence to learn how to type accurate and fast. I am currently at the silver standard on the course which is 25 word per minute!


Tom always leaves with a smile on his face. I am so happy to see him reach the silver standard on our typing course. His hard work is paying off!


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