Training Courses

Training courses:

Typing, Smart Tech, Computer classes for organisations and individuals


Searsol offers a range of personalised training courses on computers and smart technology.

We offer the following training courses  for any organisation:

Smart tech course (Mobile or smartphone)

Smart tech training Table training Smartphone training
Smart tech classes

This is a ten week  introductory  two hour per week course to smartphones and tablets users.

The course cover a range of topics:
  • Setup of the device and accessible feature
  • Internet safety.
  • How to use the device to connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, and printer.
  • How to use email, word process, and calendar.
  • How to do online shopping and use Revolut.
  • Google maps for navigation and bus routes.
  • Google Photos to store pictures, edit, and share.
  • YouTube – how to search for videos, create playlists, lyrics.
  • Spotify – play a song, search for an artist, lyrics of a song.
  • Zoom – how to install the zoom app, make a video call, send files.
  • WhatsApp – how to install WhatsApp, send messages, calls, and video calls.

This course can be changed to suit your needs.


Typing and computer classes

Touch typing
Typing or computer classes

Searsol can deliver typing and computer classes in your organisation. We can run individual or classroom-based classes in your facility based on your need.

Typing classes:

We can deliver typing classes in your facility for groups or individuals.

Computer classes:

Computer training

Introduction or intermediate computer classes. Covering a range of topics:

  • Word Processing
  • Presentation slides
  • Creating their own online comic book.
  • Design their own avatar and character
  • Creating their own birthday cards.
  • Design their own Picture collages.
  • Draw and Edit their own images.
  • Uploading, editing, and cropping pictures on the PC.
  • Image design
  • Coding
  • Artificial intelligence module

We can design the course around your student’s needs.

One-to-one classes for a child with visual impairment:


For primary schools we offer typing tuition to visually impaired children that have been granted 20 hours of typing tuition through the Department of Education. We can provide a visiting teacher that can do one-to-one typing tuition during school hours. 


Home tuition

Home based tuition computer or typing classes

We can come to home and deliver typing or computer classes to anybody that wants to improve their computer or typing skills.

Our Tutors are:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in the subject they are tutoring
  • Patient and understanding of the student’s needs and learning style
  • Able to explain concepts in a clear and concise manner
  • Adaptable and flexible in their teaching approach
  • Able to provide personalised support and guidance
  • Committed to helping the student achieve their goals
  • Organised and prepared for each tutoring session
  • Encouraging and supportive of the student’s progress and efforts
  • Professional and reliable in their work as a tutor
If any of these classes are of interest to you contact Searsol on 01-6303384 or email us at info at Searsol dot com.


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