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Artane, Dublin

Artane, Dublin

St Davids CBS, Artane park, Artane, ,

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This centre is located in St David’s CBS

The course instructor is Collette Simpson.

  • Tuesday
  • Tuesday
Car Parking available
Wheelchair accessible toilets
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Artane, Dublin Center Address:

St Davids CBS

Artane park



Computer Room Directions:

Computer room: 1 - Enter through the main entrance, two sets of double doors (brown), take the first left and walk up the hall, room 1 is the right-hand side opposite the Principals office.

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Searsol was formed in 2007, we provide computer training courses to Adults and Children. We provide a range of computer courses, from after school touch typing courses, computer camps, and computer camps.

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The free trial last a hour, the same time as a normal class.

The Searsol after school touch typing classes are aimed at children with learning differences.

We take from age of eight up to school leaving age.

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