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How to speed up your typing skills?
October 15, 2015

How to speed up your typing skills?

So you want to improve your typing speed? How do you do this and what successful ways can you implement to improve your typing speed?


Searsol recommends that you do at least an hour of typing practice a week. We provide typing courses where students can learn how to type in a controlled environment where the skill of typing is encouraged. We also provide online courses for those students that access our course centres.


In order to improve your typing speed, you must go beyond the minimum recommendation of one hour per week. We suggest a triangulation approach to learning how to type. First we recommend that you do the one hour practice at our course centre or online. Then combine this with any typing that you need to do at home or at school. Please note that at all times your fingers need to be on the home keys. This will ensure correct finger position at all times. By doing this will improve your typing speed and reinforce the learning you already have.


If you are unable to make our typing centre, we recommend trying out online typing course  at


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