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April 15, 2015

What should a child be learning over the Summer of 2015?

Computer skills

With the increasing array of computers options available to children – PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones. Children are been exposed to the wonders of technology at increasing rate and at earlier age. But computer skills should a child be learning in 2015 to stay ahead of the learning curve?


Cloud Computing

We are only beginning to understand the capabilities of cloud computing. Cloud computing is defined as deploying groups of remote servers and software networks that allow centralized data storage and online access to computer services or resources. (Wikipedia). But what does that mean to us a computer users? Well in essence we no longer need to stored out computer files (documents, music, pictures etc) on local devices hard drive but can be accessed from centralised storage area, the “cloud”. We can use multiple devices to access the documents and can update these where ever we have internet connection and device. This is a major change we have worked with computers and it will lead to great efficiency for everyone.


Web based application v’s computer applications

Traditionally students used a Pc or laptop as their main computing device. They installed applications and used them to update their work. But with the development of the internet and cloud computing. The move is now to use the internet as the go to option to update documents or use applications. Where traditionally students would have used Microsoft Office for created documents, spreadsheets etc. Now the move is to use online resources instead such as Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365. Students are now arranging their lives online so the skills the need to learn is using web based application as opposed to computer applications.



Email is still the biggest channel of communication for everyone, even greater than social media. Students should be learning the basics of email such as how to create, reply, forward and attachments. Email is still vital for students to learn and operate in today’s modern society because business still engage most of their communication via email.


Touch Typing

To be able to touch type with speeds of upto 40 word per minute can give you child a brilliant life skill no matter what device they will use in the future. Touch typing is one of these skills that may not be considered vital to a student. But as they work with computers for the rest of their lives, to be able to touch type correctly and with speed can save them time.

These are some computer skills that will help you child to stay ahead of the learning curve with computers. If you are interested in helping to develop your child skills, why not book them into one of computers camps over the Summer 2015. More details of Searsol’s Computer camps are available by clicking on the following link.


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