South Mall, Cork City

South Mall, Cork City

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Stephen Meaney

About this centre

The Searsol centre enables children from the age of eight upwards to learn the skill of touch typing. Our unique training method focuses on enabling children to work independently, giving them confidence in their typing abilities. They progress through small steps to gradually develop their accuracy and typing speed.  Unlike traditional tuition, Searsol fosters students’ skills in self-learning, building confidence and lessening reliance on a teacher.

Our typing course is suitable for all children from the age of eight upwards. We work with children that have learning differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or other learning differences.

Your child will be initially assessed by the Searsol tutor to determine what they can achieve in our typing course. Your child will visit their local Searsol centre once a week, where their Tutor will observe their typing and ensure that they are using the right technique. Searsol’s aim is to develop each child into a confident, independent and enthusiastic learner

Our Cork City centre is located in Alphamaths.

Hello, my name is Stephen Meaney, and I am the Searsol touch-typing tutor in Cork 
Having graduated from Cork Institute of Technology with a degree in Engineering, I 
worked in the engineering field for almost 20 years before I changed careers.  I now 
currently own and operate a tuition centre in the heart of Cork City and have been 
helping students of all ages and ability to reach their potential for over 10 years.   
I believe that understanding the students needs and having the knowledge and 
patience to address those needs are key to success.  
am particularly looking forward to teaching students how to touch-type in a 
friendly environment.  I believe they will reap the rewards from it no matter where 
life takes them. 
I look forward to welcoming you to the Centre! 
  • Monday
    6 to 7 pm
Class Schedule

Classes follow the school term. Classes run from September to June. No classes on the following dates: October mid-term Christmas February mid-term Easter

Wheelchair accessible

South Mall, Cork City Center Address:


87 South Mall

Cork City


Computer Room Directions:

We are located at 87 South Mall, Cork City which is directly opposite the Passport Office. There is a coffee shop there called Badger & Dodo. That is number 87 and we are upstairs above the coffee shop.

Most Popular Questions

Searsol was formed in 2007, we provide computer training courses to Adults and Children. We provide a range of computer courses, from after school touch typing courses, computer camps, and computer camps.

To book a free trial assessment for your child. Do the following:

Go to 

Enter your location or postcode and click on search.

Click on the free trial booking at the centre that suits you best.

Fill out the details.

We will send you an email with the confirmation of the free trial assessment.



The free trial assessment lasts an hour, the same time as a normal class. So bring your child in at the start of the class and the class Tutor will explain everything to you. At the end of the class please come back into the classroom, the class tutor will show your child’s report on how they got on. The report will show the average word per minute that your child is currently at.  The Tutor will advise what potential grade your child can achieve in our typing classes.

There are three grades in the course:

  • Bronze – Average of 15 words per minute
  • Silver – Average of 25 words per minute
  • Gold – Average of 40 words per minute

A physical badge will be presented to your child when they achieve this grade.

No we provide all the computer equipment so there is no need to bring a laptop to our typing course.

The Searsol after-school touch typing classes suit the following children:

  • Autism
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia (DCD)
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Children with hypermobility
  • Children with writing difficulties such as slow writing speed or illegible writing.
  • Children that have a laptop exception for exams
  • Any child that wants to learn how to type.

The classes are not suited for children that need one-to-one help.

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