Easter 2021 online computer classes via Zoom 

Improve your child’s computer skills with this new and interactive computer class via Zoom.

Halloween computer classes

Easter computer classes via Zoom

Topics covered:

Learn how to compose an email, reply, forward and add an attachment.

Learn how to use email

Learn how to use email

Design and create presentation slides with confidence.

Learn how to create a document, spell check, format, add in images.

Create a birthday card and send it as ecard

Create a birthday card

Design their own avatar    

Design their own online avatar

Create your own avatar

Design your own avatar

Design and create their own comic strip

Design and create their own comic strip

Design a Comic Strip

Design a Comic Strip

Create a Picture Collage

Download a collection of pictures and organise them in a collage

Create Picture Collages

Create Picture Collages

Design beautiful animation art.

3D image drawing

Animation art

Introduce your child to the world of coding via code games!

code games

Code games

For more information about the course visit either:

Level 1 – Primary school children (10 am – 12 pm)

See course requirements before making a booking.