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Product Description

Ginger software -the best online software grammar checker 

Ginger software is an award-winning productivity-focused company that helps you write faster and better, thanks to grammar checker,punctuation, and spell checker tools which automatically detect and correct misused words and grammar mistakes. Ginger works with whichever device or platform you prefer to use. Just install the productivity app on your phone or tablet, or install Ginger on your desktop to improve your communication skills automatically.

Write unique text and enrich existing sentences with the help of Ginger’s sentence rephraser, and utilize the synonyms tool to replace boring words with script that’s much more exciting.

Avoid embarrassing typos with the spelling book, and use all the features found on Ginger Page to improve your writing skills. Write fast without fear! Whether on your computer or using the keyboard app on your phone, Ginger will correct your mistakes for you.

Any time you’re writing for business, sending an important email, or completing school assignments, you can use Ginger’s writing tools to improve your vocabulary and prevent errors. Whether using the mobile keyboard typing app or your computer’s keyboard, Ginger is the best writing solution and productivity tool available.

Use our grammar rules to ensure that your writing is as accurate as it can be. Once you’re finished, use our proofreader to check for mistakes with a single click or tap.

Improve your communication skills with our dictionary, translations, and text reader, no matter what you’re writing. Ginger Software products are suitable for both native English speakers and speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL). Write with confidence, enhance your language skills, and never worry about mistakes again.

Ginger is the only software able to correct whole sentences in a single click. It goes beyond other spell checkers, analysing the context of sentences to automatically correct unusual spelling mistakes, misused words and grammar errors. Ginger Software is not only a text correction tool, but a powerful learning platform. Ginger provides valuable writing support to its users and statistical guidance through its reporting features for educators and parents.

Ginger Software Provides:

• Correction of multiple errors in a single click.
• Unmatched accuracy in the correction of spelling, misused words and grammar errors.
• Sample expressions accompany alternative word choices enabling students to make educated decisions
when they are unsure of a word’s spelling.
• A positive writing environment where students can write fluently, work efficiently and independently.
• Text To Speech (TTS) capabilities, allowing students to hear their sentences,before and after Ginger’s corrections.
• Reports quantifying users’ most frequent errors enabling educators to identify specific needs.
• An invaluable tool for monitoring students’ progress and the effectiveness of instruction methods.
• Compatible with Microsoft Word, Outlook and Internet Explorer.

Who can benefit from Ginger?
• All struggling writers
• People with learning difficulties such as dyslexia
• People who speak English as a second language

• Corrects entire sentences automatically
• Spelling mistakes
• Misused words
• Grammar errors
• Correction based on context
• Semantic context
• Grammatical context
• Accurate results
• Users can work quickly and efficiently

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