Benefits of Typehands

  • Realistic hands and fingers with a green finger which shows the user what keyboard button to use.
  • No advertising or any distractions so you can learn easily and quickly
  • Interactive games module with words.
  • A graph of all previous percentage scores and word per minute displayed.
  • Online praise is delivered for each exercise completed.
  • Self-paced online course for successful learning anywhere!


The aim of the typehands is teach you how to Touch-type online. Using our unique 3D rendering hands and fingers, users are shown how to use the home keys and then progress to all other button on the keyboard. A green finger highlights the correct keyboard button to select when typing on the letter.

Each exercise is graded and a percentage score is presented to the user each time a user completes an exercise. Each letter or word is called out to the user so allowing the user to type in the correct word. Words per minute (W.P.M) and accuracy percentage are displayed to the user at all times. Learn to type quickly and efficiently using typehands. For a free trial, click on the login in button and enter your name to access a free passcode. A free passcode will allow you to access the first lesson of twenty exercises which is based on the home keys. If you like the typing module then you can upgrade your passcode to our paid offering at any time.